2016 Davis Projects for Peace

Last year, New Citizen Project’s founder and president, Shahbaz Salehi was selected for a grant that allowed for the start of the New Citizen Project organization. Katherine W. Davis, a former resident at International House New York dedicated herself to finding new ways to promote peace in the world and so she began a grant that would go on to fund hundreds of projects spanning in over 100 countries.  Receiving the grant for Davis Projects for Peace through International House – New York, made all of this possible. Shahbaz was recently featured in an article by International House – New York for his work with New Citizen Project as a result of receiving the 2016 grant.  You can read the article here.

The goal of New Citizen Project is to assist newcomers into the United States. By linking them with local employers and volunteers, NCP hopes to provide a smoother integration process for local refugees and migrants. The belief that refugees and migrants have a multiplicity of skills and knowledge that can assist their new communities is the guiding force for New Citizen Project. With the right assistance, we believe that newcomers have the capacity to build up their local communities while they are also trying to build new lives for themselves. Together, as an organization and as a community, we hope to build a better future for all.



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